FARR FOUNDATION, INC.Specialty Geotechnical Contractor

Soil Nail


We have completed more that 300,000 SQ FT of permanent soil nailed retaining walls over the past 16 years.  We have the capability to do Design-Build as well as Build only projects.  

Laredo, Texas - Interchange Soil Nailed Walls
Installed more than 50,000 LF of soil and rock nails in difficult soil conditions ranging from sandy silt with cobbles to medium sandstone.

Lubbock, Texas - Underpass U-Turns Soil Nailed Retaining Walls
Installed 5,000 soil nails for a total of 75,000 LF.  We have completed many other u-turn and lane expansion projects in San Antonio, El Paso, Longview, Lufkin, Ft. Worth,
Corpus Christi, Huntsville, Houston and Dallas.

Houston, Texas - Entrance Ramp Hardy Toll Road
Installed soil nails as long as 41ft in single-pass continuous flight drilling.  This fast-track project was kept on time with production rates of up to 150ft per hour.

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Permanent Soil Nailed Wall

An entire city block excavation to a depth of 20ft, supported with a permanent soil nailed wall.  The nailed wall became part of the parking garage structure that was designed to resist soil loads.  This was a deign-build project using FHWA standards for permanent soil nail walls including earthquake loading.